Power Up Bird – Available Now

Take a look at the brand new android game called Power Up Bird. It is a fresh take on flappy bird with the addition of power ups. These power ups add a risk/reward dimension which distinguishes it from the rest of the flappy bird clones. Download it now and compete with your friends to be #1.


Power Up Bird description:

The world famous bird is back but with an added dimension. This time around, power up boxes show up in between the pipes, but beware, they aren’t always beneficial. Take a risk and go for the power up box and you may be rewarded with extra points, or you may warp to your death. Use the unique powers to raise your score, as you compete with friends, family and people around the globe to prove that you are the best Power Up Bird player in the world.
Game Features:
– Simple one touch controls: touch to flap the wings of the Power Up Bird
– Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
– 5 power ups to risk going for, but not all of them are helpful
– Compete with your friends and family on the google play leaderboard
– Earn achievements to prove that you are the Power Up Bird master.

How to Play:
– Tap anywhere on the screen to flap the wings of the Power Up Bird!
– Avoid the Pipes and the Ground to survive.
– Try to beat your friends score.
– Hit a power up box to activate it.

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