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To help with your fitness new years resolutions, LA Muscle have a new voucher code for their product Norateen®. More info below:

30% OFF LA Muscle Norateen 

End date: Sunday 23rd February 2014
Voucher Code: muscle30

Norateen has an RRP of £69.99 and currently you get an extra 20% extra free. With this voucher code, the price goes down to £48.99.

LA Muscle spent 2 years developing Norateen II. Norateen® is the creation of LA Muscle and its Registered Trademark. Do not accept copies or substitutes.
Potent – as used by professionals

Norateen II contains Beta Ecdysterone (BEC). This powerful muscle builder has been shown to be extremely strong and effective at muscle building. You get the highest safe world dosage of BEC now at 90mg per day. BEC is in short supply and high demand. LA Muscle were the pioneers of Beta Ecdysterone (LA Muscle owns betaecdysterone.com).

Leucine – L-alanine – Taurine – ALA – ALC. An amazing combination of 5 ingredients that have been shown to be extremely beneficial to body builders, athletes and anyone performing heavy lifting. You get these in the right ratios in Norateen II.

Norateen II works even better with a quality whey protein such as LA Whey. This is not to sell you more supplements, but a fact that has been noted in scientific tests. Keep your protein intake as high as you possibly can and you will truly be amazed at the results.

As a guideline, you should take at least 1.5 to 2 grams of quality protein per lb of bodyweight per day. This should be spaced out throughout the day. You should also train heavy and hard, on a split routine. But don’t overtrain. Train each bodypart no more than once every 6-7 days. If you have got the budget, combine Norateen II with Norateen Heavyweight II.

This product is chosen by men’s health magazine health magazine for their men’s health beach body challenge.

  • Top-selling muscle builder with no side effects
  • 100% natural and safe for all levels

If you have any questions about the LA Muscle voucher code, or would like to know anything else about the LA Muscle voucher code, please get in touch and feel free to tell us!

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