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Based Discounts would like to introduce to up to 50% off Menkind sale. Check out the Based Discounts recommendations from the winter sale below:

M:Tech Gyro Flyer V2 helicopter – Blue

Only £17.99 in the Menkind sale. Also available in Red.

This M:Tech Gyro Flyer V2 helicopter may be compact in size but it still packs a mean punch when it comes to power. It uses a 3.7V Li-Poly battery to power 2 main motors and 1 tail motor which give your Gyro some extreme oomph! Yet its practical 19cm length and 34 gram weight make it portable as well as powerful and able to fit in the palm of your hand. The Gyro helicopter is controlled by using infared technology and has a range of up to 10ft.

If you’re unfamiliar with RC copters then this is Gyro is perfect, as its controlled by a 32-Level high precision speed controller, which automatically stabilizes the rotor blade system for steady lift off. Also a hand held remote control is provided in the shape of a video game controller, making steering your Gyro easy and familiar.

Wireless Touch Speaker

Only £19.99 in the Menkind sale.

Warning, impromptu party may happen. All you need is this Wireless Touch Speaker, your phone and some good tunes. Most speakers for phones are unreliable, generally underpowered and underwhelming when it comes to sound. Plus you have to grapple with wires. Touch Speaker allows you to connect your device without even connecting it.

This Smartphone Touch Speaker is one of the first devices to use NFA (Near Field Audio) to pick up on the phone’s frequency and amplify the sound. No need for wires or cables, just touch your phone to the speaker and select a song! You don’t even have to download any apps or configure you phone – unleashing all your best party songs is as simple as putting one thing on top of another!

Compatible with most iOS devices as well as Android and other phones containing an inbuilt mobile speaker. There is also a 3.5mm jack connection to ensure you will always have the option to amplify sound on the go. The Touch Speaker takes 3 x AA Batteries.

Electronic Dartboard

Only £2.99 in the Menkind sale.

Treble 60…Treble 60…180!! Everyone loves a good game of darts down the pub, well now you can get the same experience at home with this all-in-one Electronic Dartboard which features a variety of games to make you into the next Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. The Dartboard features up to 20 in built games including the standard 501 game, Cricket, Scram and Around the Clock. It also gives you the option to play with multiple players so you can test each other’s darts skills.

Thanks to the Dartboard’s inbuilt computer system you won’t have to be running to the chalkboard every 5 seconds and relying on your GCSE maths skills to get an accurate score, as each time you throw a dart it the board registers your score in accordance with the game you’re playing. Both the dartboard and the darts are magnetic, so each dart will actually stick to the dartboard instead of bouncing off and creating out roar.

The back of the dartboard features a hole for attaching it to a wall hook and it comes supplied with 5 darts. Great fun gift for any sports fan. Requires 3xAA batteries (not included).

Drinks Helmet for Two Cans

Only £4.99 in the Menkind sale.

The Drinks Helmet from Discovery Superstore is the must-have head wear for party time. The construction-style helmet holds two cans of your choice and allows its wearer to consume these, through the built-in straws. Gone are the days of icy hands and fingers, as you clutch that brew, and searching for an appropriate surface on which to place your can. The modern man wanders the soiree freely, drinks hands free and enjoys his beer in comfort and style. Ok, maybe not so much style, but this drink hat scores points with us on its practicality and entertainment value!

The helmet comes in 3 variations*:

White: “THIRST AID” printed on front
Red: “HANDS FREE HYDRATION” printed on front

Perfect for a birthday party, housewarming party, university students, house party or a stag do. Would also make a funny addition to a fancy dress costume (i.e. Homer Simpson).

Inflatable blue E-chair

Only £9.99 in the Menkind sale.

It E-asy, E-njoyable, E-xtraordinary and…. well we’ve run out of words beginning with E, but whatever you want to call it the E-Chair is the ultimate in gaming and TV watching comfort.  It’s light, durable, super comfortable and fully inflatable, so you can take it with you and set it up wherever you go. It only takes 2 minutes to fully inflate so you won’t go red in the cheeks every time you want a seat. Also it’s flexible, inflatable design means that you don’t have to sit upright like you’re sitting at a school desk but you can recline back, which is great, especially if you need a quick snooze!

If you need to fully prepare yourself for a lengthy gaming session or a movie marathon then you can set up this chair, as it’s super comfortable fabric design will make sure your bum stays numb-free, helping you stay relaxed for hours on end.  You might end up being so comfortable that you simply can’t leave the E Chair so you may need some provisions nearby to get you through those tricky gaming missions or 3 hour long movies.

14″ Black Lava Lamp

Only £14.99 in the Menkind sale.

This is the original LAVA brand lamp which has been designed in the LAVA World’s trademark shape for over 40 years! In the mid-sixties, LAVA invited a generation to turn on (their Lava brand lamps), tune in, and drop out. The introduction of the Century LAVA brand motion lamp started it all.

Originally sold as the Astro Lamp, with its large gold base and tiny holes, it produced a simulated starlight that was definitely far out man!

The black wax and clear liquid is all held in place on a stunning silver coloured stand!

Note: Menkind would also like to announce the closure of 6 stores. 
Stores in Milton Keynes, Southampton, Lakeside Lower Mall, Swindon, Colchester, and Bath have now closed.
Customers can still shop in over 45 different stores throughout the UK.

menkind2If you have any questions about the Menkind sale, or would like to know anything else about the Menkind sale, please get in touch and feel free to tell us!

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