Fitbug Ltd

Developed by leading health experts, Fitbug is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing. In fact, Fitbug is the ideal companion for people who don’t have the time, energy or motivation to exercise. And it works! Fitbug has helped people from all walks of life achieve goals which they had previously only dreamed of.

Fitbug encourages gradual lifestyle changes rather than fad eating plans or gruelling exercise regimes, all through making realistic lifestyle changes that can be combined into your daily schedule. As a member, you’ll receive a pocket-sized device, which you keep with you during the day. The Bug accurately calculates every step, calories burned, distance covered and more.

Your achievements are sent to via a PC or Mac and soon you’ll be able to send your stats wirelessly with the new Fitbug Air. This allows Fitbug to design your personalized plan. Fitbug will send weekly activity and nutrition targets based on your achievements and will keep you motivated to ensure that you meet your goals.

Track your progress, keep up to speed with the latest health news, and even get involved in games and challenges with other Fitbug members. Fantasy Footfall™, where your feet do the talking, allows you to compete against members and ‘climb the leader boards’ to reach the highest number of steps. Create your own leagues to compete against friends, family or colleagues, or join one of Fitbug’s leagues.

Fitbug is proven to help its members get the results they want and can lead to amazing health benefits. All this comes at just a fraction of the price in comparison to most other well-being solutions, and becoming a member is easy.

This is healthy living on your terms!


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