New voucher codes for Currys

We have some new voucher codes to use at Currys. See below for more details:

Code name: ASFF50
Description: £50 off american style fridge freezers between £500 to £749.99
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: ASFF75
Description: £75 off american style fridge freezers between £750 to £999.99
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: ASFF100
Description: £100 off american style fridge freezers over £1000
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: RCOOK50
Description: £50 off range cookers between £500 to £749.99
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: RCOOK75
Description: £75 off range cookers between £750 to £999.99
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: RCOOK100
Description: £100 off range cookers over £1000
Start date: Now
End date: 19th March

Code name: BTIN5
Description: 5% off all built-in appliances between £249.99 – £349.99
Start date: Now
End date: 18th March

Code name: BTIN10
Description: 10% off all built-in appliances over £350
Start date: Now
End date: 18th March

Currys offers this week:


Save £270.00, Now £479.

Whether you’re settling down to the latest films or searching for your favourite TV shows, you can rely on the Panasonic VIERA TX-L42E6B Smart 42″ LED TV to provide you with high quality entertainment that makes your viewing smarter.

Thanks to cutting-edge product design, the TXL42E-6B 42” Smart TV is extremely energy efficient, with an A+ energy rating. New materials in the LCD panel transmit light more effectively, while the LED backlight is more efficient than ever.

An Eco Navigation mode allows you to adjust a variety of energy saving functions, including automatic picture brightness adjustment (Eco mode) and Auto Standby, with a single operation.

The VIERA TXL-42E6-B couldn’t be simpler to set up and use as Voice Guidance technology literally talks you through the set up options. If you need to consult the operating manual at any time there’s also an onscreen eHelp guide available at the touch of a button, so there’s no more trying to remember where you put the booklet. Internet and network content can be accessed via a wired Ethernet cable or the TV’s own built-in WiFi.

You will be able to connect all of your entertainment equipment to the media friendly VIERA TXL-42E6B boasts. There are three HDMI ports to connect devices such as games consoles, home cinema systems and Blu-ray players, and with the SVGA connection you can even connect your PC to view content straight from your hard drive. You can also enjoy content from USB devices using the USB 2.0 connection on this TV, so you are provided with a full range of entertainment options.

LENOVO Yoga 8” Tablet – 16 GB

Save £50.00, Now £149.99. Enjoy comfortable touchscreen tablet computing with the versatile Lenovo Yoga 8” Tablet.

The Yoga Tablet provides easy, natural touchscreen computing thanks to the unique battery design that distributes the weight to holding side of the tablet. This allows it to be held like a book or easily positioned for optimum hands-free viewing using the handy integrated stand. Perfect for reading, watching films or working on the commute, the thin laser-etched exterior looks and feels every inch the premium product.

Whatever you love to do on your tablet, you can expect quick, efficient processing thanks to the quad-core MediaTek processor. Impressively, Lenovo haven’t upped the performance at the expense of battery life as the Yoga provides up to 18 hours of use between charges, letting you work and play wherever your day takes you.

Storage is provided by 16 GB of built-in memory and is easily enough to get you started downloading apps, taking photos and playing games. Should you require more for music and films, the Yoga accepts microSD cards up to 64 GB, which is more than enough for a who music and media collection.

Whatever you choose to watch, you can enjoy sharp, vivid HD images thanks to the 8” IPS screen while Dolby Digital Plus provides remarkable audio through two front-facing stereo speakers.

The Yoga runs on the Android 4.2 operating system. Android provides a simple but expressive platform that you lets tap, swipe and pinch your way around your apps and media with ease.

Apps and games are downloaded from Google Play. Simply create an account to gain access to over 900,000 free and paid for apps. From addictive touch games to social media and news, there’s something for everyone on Android.

SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar with Free Sonos Bridge

Now £599.99. Pack saving £39.99 PLUS Sonos Bridge worth £39 plus 6 months FREE Spotify music subscription worth £60 when you buy this product.

The Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar offers a multi-speaker setup and streaming capabilities to flood your home with huge waves of epic cinematic sound, enhancing all your TV, web content, movies and video games – in an amazingly compact one-piece design.

Play music from your Android phone or tablet through your Sonos wireless device. If you have Android 2.1 or higher (Android 2.2 and higher is required for podcasts), it only takes three easy steps. Update your Sonos Controller for Android to software version 4.1.1 – the rest of your Sonos components do not require an update.

The Sonos Wireless Speaker System keeps getting better over time as new features and music services are developed and added. Once you’ve registered your music system, Sonos will automatically notify you when software updates become available. Then all you need do is press one button and your system will update itself.

Your TV and home cinema content has never sounded as good as with the Sonos PLAYBAR, complementing HD television screens with detailed, goosebump-raising hi-fi sound with Dolby Digital to ensure you never miss a word, note or onscreen event.

Nine speakers radiate powerful bass tones, sculpted mid-range and scintillating high frequencies in a wireless, easy-to-use soundbar that wirelessly streams content for a compact home sound experience like no other.

Featuring six midrange speakers and angled left and right tweeters for optimum clarity, each speaker is driven by a Class D amplifier ensuring stunningly balanced sound output. There’s even a Night Mode that boosts clarity at lower volume levels – perfect for listening to subtle dialogue when you’re up after hours.

The Sonos BRIDGE will be a part of your Sonos home music system. It transmits signals to Sonos Speakers wirelessly. This discreet white box is perfect if your router is in a room in which you don’t want music. Connect the Sonos BRIDGE to the router with a standard Ethernet cable, and you’ll be able to place your Sonos PlayBar or Sonos speakers in any room of the house – they’ll be connected wirelessly.

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